Sumerian Horde Mode Informations and Enemy Database

Sumerian Horde Mode Mod is aiming on two things. Stability and Minimal File Size. This mod has no bugs (You may face some bugs like chest gambled items are being absorbed, enemies stuck at certain point and more… but they are from vanilla Horde Mode.) and uses only vanilla assets to have very small space size it occupies. Downloading entine Sumerian Horde Mode Mod needs less than 1MB.
※ Sumerian Horde Mode is disabled since Mordhau Patch #20

Difference with Vanilla Horde

  • Players deal 2X Damage.
  • Players have 9 inventory slots, reverse slash attack, Perks (Dodge, Cat, Bloodlust).
  • Added some vanilla equipments which are not added in vanilla horde. (Falx, Corseca, Lute, etc…)
  • Added custom customization variants for enemy horde minions and added new bosses.
  • Rebalanced equipments of enemies. (Replaced seymour’s ridiculously overpowered Longsword and Yeet’s infinite Firepots and etc…)
  • Rebalanced cost of vanilla chests and purchasable armors.
  • Removed many very annoying equipments (Shields, Throwing weapons, etc…) from the vanilla horde.
  • Added new random chests. (Those obtains boss weapons, Sumerian weapons)
  • A widget that contains Coin Gamble, Random Ability Gamble, Web Browser to this page and Google Translator.
  • Added purchasable horse. (Horse type is random and there is a small chance to spawn boss horse.)
  • Added Horde mode to vanilla Crossroads map.
  • Hardcore Mode. [Adds 22nd~32nd wave (22nd~28th Nightmare/29th~32nd Hell), Adds Lucky Sumerian Chest (Gives boss weapons or other Sumerian Weapons unconditionally)]
  • And other slight changes.

Map List (※ HC = Hardcore Mode)

  • HRD_CampSumerian
  • HRD_CastelloSumerian
  • HRD_FeitoriaSumerian
  • HRD_GradSumerian
  • HRD_MountainPeakSumerian
  • HRD_TaigaSumerian
  • HRD_CrossroadsSumerian
  • HRD_CampSumerianHC
  • HRD_CastelloSumerianHC
  • HRD_FeitoriaSumerianHC
  • HRD_GradSumerianHC
  • HRD_MountainPeakSumerianHC
  • HRD_TaigaSumerianHC
  • HRD_CrossroadsSumerianHC


Peasants (Melee, Shield, Ranged)
Peasant Madman (Melee)
Militia (Melee)
Rogue (Ranged)
Watchman (Shield)
Ranger (Ranged)
Footman (Melee)
Landsknechts (Melee)
Horse Killer (Melee, Anti Horse Rider)
Axeman (Ranged)
Archer (Ranged)
Guard (Shield)
Knight (Melee)
Sharpshooter (Ranged)
Elite knight (Melee)
Protector (Shield)
Sniper (Ranged)

Certain Map Exclusive Enemy


Hoodlum Leader (Boss)


Castello Gladiator
Castello Gladiator Champion (Boss)


Cowboy Leader (Boss)


Angry Peasant
Peasant Chief (Boss)


Grad Footman
Grad Knight (Boss)

Mountain Peak

Ancient Living Statue
Ancient Future카p! (Boss)


Taiga Troll

Special Minion / Boss

Wave 4

Vegetables (Special Minion of CPT. Cabage)
CPT. Cabage (Boss)

Wave 5

Chef (BOSS)

Wave 7

Peasant Madman (SPECIAL Minion of Jang Chen)
Jang chen (BOSS)

Wave 8

Gandalf the Gray (BOSS)

Wave 10

Black Knight (BOSS)

Wave 11

Son (BOSS)

Wave 12

Round Shielded Viking (SPECIAL Minion of SCM)

Wave 13

Ancient Midget (SPECIAL Minion of Gimi)
Gimi (BOSS)

Wave 14

Hey (BOSS)

Wave 15

Shield Queen (BOSS)

Wave 16

Ogre (BOSS)

Wave 17

Hunter (BOSS)

Wave 18

Ninja (Special Minion, Rapier)

Wave 19

Caesar (Boss)

Wave 20


※ Wave 21 spawns one of four groups (Vanilla, Community, House Loderon, Historical&Fictional) and then spawns the common group.

Wave 21 (Vanilla Horde)

Seymour (Boss)

Wave 21 (Community Veteran Horde Gamers)

Parrot Fish (Boss)
Hiiragi (Boss)
Ys (Boss)

Wave 21 (House Loderon)

Wave 21 (Historical&Fictional Characters)

Sasuke & Naruto (SPECIAL MINION, Ninja, RAPIER/Torch)
Doppelsöldner, Duelists (SPECIAL MINIONs OF Royal King)
Royal King (Boss)

Wave 21 (Common)

Agent (BOSS)
Future카p! (BOSS)

Link to of Sumerian Horde Mode Mod (Hidden)

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