Sumerian Training Camp Rules

Duel Mode

– Duel Kimchi

  • 듀얼 상대가 아닌 유저 무차별 공격 금지
    (Do not attack players without any duel agreement)
  • 듀얼하는 유저 방해 금지
    (Do not interrupt other duel)
  • X Key + 1 등의 감정표현으로 상대와 서로 듀얼 의사를 확인한 후 듀얼
    X + 1の入力などを介して相手と挨拶した後、競争ください
    (In order to duel other player, flourish your weapon (press x, then press 1) to the player and when the player flourishes back to you, you may duel him)

Team Modes

– Skirmish Tourney

  • 팀원 방해 금지
    (Do not disturb teammates)


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